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Random thought, dunno if it’s been done but

Platformer and or point/click where reflections of the environment help overcome obstacles/ have their own clues/ show parts of the environment from a different angle :x thoughts thoughts,

Brandom Calvillo

yuite-dio replied to your post: Okay so season two of Hemlock Grove is…

Idk if you know but “gypsies” is an extremely racist and derogatory term. Most people called that are people of Romani/Rromani/Roman descent, and they prefer one of those names. Just to let you know!

Sorry and thanks!! It was like late and the show kept using “gypsy” so I kind of parroted it there, although it still kind of falls under my point, the show has a really racist “gypsy” view of the Romani people (with the whole “gypping”, tarot card reading etc etc) which is really annoying to see, even when they’re presented as the good guys :/

So yeah basically if you’re triggered/put off by almost literally anything I DO NOT recommend watching hemlock grove, it’s completely mindless trash gore television based off a book series or something. I’d even go as far to say it’s like twilight written a little better only covered in ten times the gore and a lot less romance.

Okay so season two of Hemlock Grove is so good.

The show is so fucked up so fucking fucked up I don’t recommend watching it if you’re not into imo pretty intense gore, also racist interpretations of gypsies romanis as gypsies? but

Wow potential polyamorous relationship??? and between a girl and two guys nonetheless.

This show is complete trash

and that’s why i love it so much.

Sorry Hannibal I couldn’t get through you but for some reason I’m all up in this trash.

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master post here ; )

sorry for spamming once again u.u

friendly remminder that i’m poor

I'm actually half chinese myself and have not offended myself in the process. I do apologize for calling you an idiot. your point is valid and I won't deny it, but I will never EVER call the Disney company itself "racist".

In response to this.

Thanks for the apology.

I apologize as well, since I didn’t mean to make it sound like you weren’t a poc yourself, or did i mean in my original post to call people who work at Disney to all be collectively or inherently racist for working there.

But as a company whose major decisions are majorly made, not by the artists and innovators who work there, but by the financial, marketing side ruled by investors, publishers, and CEOs is most definitely, undeniably racist on a spectrum of levels.

Disney (including Walt Disney himself back when he and his sons headed it) has had a history of being blatantly racist, sexist, and have absolutely repeatedly mistreated their own artists until at least the mid 90’s. Disney wasn’t quite The Villain, but he was in no way the good guy his company has made him out to be. That doesn’t mean he didn’t make amazing inspirational work with the help of his employees.

Disney as a company, like most companies, is run by people with money. They decide in the end what movies go through, even when they aren’t artists. They are the people that the movies are pitched to, after being pitched to someone else….after being pitched to someone else, even when  they aren’t artists.  And sometimes, they get to decide what goes into those movies, even when they aren’t artists.

People with money tend to be White, Old, and Racist.

(I forgot exactly what show it was but I was watching a news report that quoted a study that found that out of the 1% of people who own 90% of our country’s wealth, ONLY 2% of that 1% were not white).

So while I’ll 100% agree that most of the people who work on the movies are probably not racist, (although might in some way contribute to the ideas that keep racism around) the company itself? Definitely racist.

Also, it’s 100% completely okay if you are not offended, as long as you recognize that there are poc who are. 

And I emphasize that times a millionwhen you are not in the specific grouping of people who are being offended. I personally am not offended by anything happening in the movie (besides the fact that they could have included a latinx character instead of a second white person, heckie, even if they were white and latinx I would have been at least slightly less offended) which is means to say this movie does not provide a misrepresentation of my culture, but I am offended on behalf of people who could be, which in this case are specifically Japanese people.

You have every right not to be offended.

But you have no right to defend things that are offensive to and misrepresentative of a culture that you are not a part of.

you're an idiot and you should know that even specifically people of the Japanese race work in the Disney Animation Studios and other poc have put forth their work to get this movie going. If they really had a problem, they would have left the studio and changed the hugest aspects and yet here we are with a will-be-successful movie. If they really had a problem, two very talented /ASIANS/ wouldn't be at comic con to speak about the movie.

wow my first ever hate! I’m blushing.

In response to this post I’m guessing.

Of course they’re going to be working there. I would flipping work at Disney even with the problems I have with them. It’s a good job if not one of the most fulfilling.

BUTthere isn’t a single large media company here in the U.S that hasn’t done something racist or sexist, or at least upholds the things that keep racism and sexism alive.

THERE IS NO DOUBT that this movie was pushed for and put forth by POC, and it’s probably their hard work that kept Hiro Japanese.

And no, if they really had a problem they would not have left the studio, because, like I said it’s a fucking good job. It pays well, it’s fun, you learn a lot as an artist, etc etc. Just because someone is offended by something, doesn’t make them offended enough to cut off their means?? You call me an idiot but… no one would do that?? Unless they were getting actual harassment from the people they work with, and even then most people put up with it because jobs are fucking hard to find, especially good ones, even for people with extensive and colorful backgrounds as those from Disney.

Again. I’m not saying don’t see the movie. I IMPLORE people to see the movie. It’s going to be good, REALLY GOOD. I’m probably going to scream and cry and laugh.

But the changes were made for a reason. Why, I ask you, WHY? Did they choose to make TWO ASIAN CHARACTERS White? That is not a choice done unconsciously. If they wanted to show diversity, why not a Native American? or a Latinx? Or Indian/Desi? When was the last time you saw a movie with an Indian/Desi as a main protagonist? OR imagine one with interracial parents?? A white mom and a Filipino dad? 


AND THAT DOESN’T MEAN THEY HAVE THE MEANS TO MAKE CHANGE IN THE COMPANY. The very extremely talented and hardworking Asians who worked on the movie have every right to talk at Comic-con, whether or not they find the movie offensive, because they worked their asses off on it.

What you need to understand is how the industry works. 90% of the people who work on any given movie HAVE VERY LITTLE TO SAY IN WHAT GOES INTO THE MAJORITY OF IT. 

Character designers are given a basic description or direction to go with when designing. They choose and mold a lot of things sure, but there are people higher up, whether it be directors, producers, writers, that choose the final say-so, or that even give the initial details they want and sometimes won’t budge on.

I would take up a job at Disney in a heartbeat because then I would be in a space where I could, at the very least influence or argue for change. You’re argument is invalid and irresponsible, and downright offensive to the POC who work hard to make change in an industry that insists that movies like this are The Most Progressive Thing We Could Have Ever Made. Because no. The movie would have been way more progressive and a HUGE achievement by having an entire cast of POC set in San Fran.

I love Disney. I’ve grown up with Disney. I’m an animator because of Disney.
I also love my mom. I’ve grown up with my mom. And I’m going to school for animation because of my mom.

That doesn’t mean I’m not gonna call her out for saying/doing something racist??

please come back when you’ve grown out of your baby diapers and don’t vomit on anything on your way out.

Also shove that ableist language right up your bum hole.

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What RPG class would you assign me?


I WANNA KNOW i’ll do a few doodle-responses as warm ups. i guess if u know my ocs u can suggest them too but the real star here is ME

I’ll try drawing myself

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Bunny dressed like a bunny

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First photos of the corg

Look it the floppy dog what a floppy dog

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