20 Apr 4:20
2 hours ago
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I woke up from a dream about Steven universe. I have no idea what happened in it but then I woke up and scrolled past a post on tumblr about ambiguous characters it got me thinking about

how much I love this show yo

I been trying for a while to think why Lars has been my favorite character from the start. At first I thought it was cuz I like jerk boys but that’s not true. Then I thought it was because his voice is this most perf thing to exist ever and that’s totally true but not quite it.

I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, or if it’s just me, but Ive viewed Lars as non-white since the start of the show. Whether it’s the poof to his hawk or the tannish orange of his skin, there’s just something about him that really resonates with me and my mixedness. His constant apparent need to look cool or fit in reminds me of how it feels to be mixed. Too “white” to fully fit in to some crowds, too dark after summer to fit in anywhere else (at least till I found my homies, hello u)

anyway Lars is an adorable weenie who makes me feel represented in a weird way.

And amethyst is a bigger weenie who makes me feel even more represented because I also perceive her as racially ambiguous and she’s a chubster who isn’t afraid to shapeshift into a hairy wrestler just like me.

Time to go back to sleep

19 Apr 19:06
11 hours ago
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1/3 through the backgrounds for my storyboarding final!! I have sports anime to thank for that.

19 Apr 16:10
14 hours ago
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Quick thanks for hitting and passing 600 followers! <3 you guys are rad thanx

19 Apr 5:30
1 day ago
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I never think about being nice and compositional when I doodle and thats a problem :/

Welp time for bed 

19 Apr 4:29
1 day ago
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  1. rythos said: Omigosh I SWEAR your style changes every time I turn around it is fantastic and mesmerizing.

; u  ; thankks uu i wish i had time to do more stuff and develop my styles further but college is slowly killing meeee

19 Apr 4:21
1 day ago
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Re done didly did? Better/worse?

Commissions: Prices/Examples

19 Apr 3:36
1 day ago
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Doodle turned not so doodle. Print worthy?

Commissions: Prices/Examples

18 Apr 2:24
2 days ago
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This is still my favorite Game of Thrones video.

this still cracks me the fuck up

I was going to put this on my reblog blawg but it was too good to let it go.

Also you don’t need to have seen GoT to find this hilarious this is hilarious.

Wait the Noragami op might be the better op

I guess I’ll have to listen to both forever instead of write this paper

I just love me some good rock. US has been seriously lacking in this department lately. Don’t get me wrong I love indie and bluegrass and gambino and classic stuff but like where’s my new rock. someone show me the rock. Hello Sleepwalkers has shown me the rock y aren’t u

edit: omg its available on the US itunes store instabuy getting it cant stop wont stop

18 Apr 0:05
2 days ago
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Haikyuu op is best op