tumblr understands me in a way that no person will ever be able to understand me

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I googled “sparkly cute thing” and this was the first image.

I’ll always remember you, my prince

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smallestbrown replied to your post: Back in school!!Had chara animation cl…

woah these guys are cool!

Thank you!! <333


We got to watch a bunch of pilots and shorts/ commercials and they just threw me back so hard!


We got to see THE ENTIRE boarded first new episode for Bee and Puppy Cat!!


LIke if you thought that Bee and Puppy was good already

It is a million times better aND DECKARD DECKARD IS MY FAVORITE

Natasha Allegri gets me 


BLUSHING BOYS WHO STUMBLE OVER THE PRONUNCIATION OF WORDS. He is both simultaneously actually ME and also my boyfriend.

Augh and don’t get me started on Fred Seibert! He’s so humble and has such a good understanding of what’s important for cartoons and how impactful they are on a socioeconomic level! He’s super inspirational and yeah.

I want to work/intern there so bad it would be so cool!! Gotta save up for living there over a summer!

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shotastique said: MAN DAS MY DOG, BUT IT ISN’T MY DOG WHAT IS LIFE okno that’s so pretty pretty <3


ur so rpetyy

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I actually believe artists and scientists think very similarly. Complex, abstract thought? They both have that down. It’s all about where that thinking takes you after that.

Words cannot describe how much I love this post.

I hate that the two are talked about as oppositional things.  Science and art are bros, to the point where the debate still rages about which preceded the other.  We don’t fight, we’re not enemies, we need each other.  Ask an artist what they focus on, anatomy, light, color, depth.  Do you know what that really is?  Biology, theories of visual perception, and physics.  The number of artistic movements that were literally started because of a new scientific discovery is staggering.  Hell, to gain legitimacy, early photographers did their utmost to appear to be artists, because they knew otherwise, photography would just be viewed as an illegitimate gimmick.

I cannot tell you how much I despise this idea that science and art are at oppositional ends of the spectrum.  You can not have art without the tools made by science (stylus, paper, ink, paint, video, anything), and you cannot have science without the explanations granted by art (written word, illustrations, diagrams, charts, anatomical models, medical comics).  I literally once had someone tell me a video game could never be art because it involved science…well guess what, so did DaVinci’s works, so did the Impressionists, so did every artist ever.  Even when you break it down to pure, raw abstraction, composition is simply math.

Science is art, art is science.  Stop acting like one is pure intellect and the other pure emotion.  Its an absurd binary, and frankly, it does not really exist.


Was actually a pretty big internal debate for me whether or not to do art or science, and mostly chose art because the way science works in the US, so controlled by corporate buttnutts that like to take/rush results before they’re ready or use good science for their patented corporate gain. Bluh.

I love science so much u v u

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It’s probably why I started randomly watching/reading shoujo (which trust me I never do cause I’m not all that into cutesy girly fiction of any kind) but lately I’ve been super duper craving a relationship :/

It’s weird typing about it. I never really talk about it ever to anyone but it’s something that’s almost always on my mind.

Confession: I actually had two friends I mmod with that I kinda “dated?” On separate occasions. The first guy I really liked already and we had like fake married on RO and acted all coupley for shits and giggles and then we got actually coupley and for a couple months we were hanging out online everyday and talked for HOURS and it was really nice but I made him believe I was his age which was two and a half years older than I actually was

Edit: this was like 4 paragraphs longer and sadder but I posted it when tumblr was having an update so it’s all gone :(
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  1. rythos said: Omigosh I SWEAR your style changes every time I turn around it is fantastic and mesmerizing.

; u  ; thankks uu i wish i had time to do more stuff and develop my styles further but college is slowly killing meeee

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Hi, can you please, if it's not too much trouble, explain gender fluidity to me? I've been thinking about gender things and I'm a bit confused about it. I think I might be gender fluid, if I'm understanding it properly...

Yeah no problem! I’m no expert at it myself, and only understand it in the context of myself, so if anyone out there wants to add or correct what I say be my guest!

Gender fluidity fits in with Non-binary genders, which is probably a better place to start. Non-Binary basically means that gender should not be simplified to a one dimensional male/female spectrum, with the extreme of male on one end and extreme female on the other and androgynous in the middle, but is instead extremely complex and a result of hundreds of different factors, biological, emotional or otherwise. 

Gender fluidity basically means that I don’t always feel like a girl or don’t always feel like a dude or don’t always feel androgynous or don’t feel like any of them at all, or sometimes feel like a mix! I personally experience switching between the mix dude/girl, girl, and agender.

Now this is also very separate from the way you choose to dress, so don’t feel confused if you feel like a bro one day but still wanna dress pretty or vice versa! For me, I tend to dress more ‘like a girl’ even on days when I don’t feel like one because I dress in whatever way makes me feel confident or comfortable! I’m plus sized and super fleshy and for lack of a better word, voluptuous, so I don’t have a huge selection of more masculine clothing that makes me feel confident and comfortable. I dress for ME, not for others to label my gender based on what I wear.

Also understand that, like sexuality, gender is something that is never set in stone. You might sometimes experience opposing opinions from even people of LGBTQ communites, but DO NOT let anyone tell you that changing your gender after a certain period of being a different gender means that you were a liar when you were said gender. Example: You were ‘born a girl’ but decide that you feel you’re a dude and use he pronounce for like, four years, but then later decide that now, you feel like a girl again even after all that time. LET NO ONE TELL YOU that you were a liar or ANY LESS A DUDE during your period of feeling like a dude, because you felt like a dude and thus went by dude pronouns and it was fact for its time. If one day you feel like a girl again, or something different, then that’s now you’re new truth and you were never ‘faking’ or lying to yourself or appropriating (unless in fact you are and your decision to change genders is based around an idea such as being cis- or your medical/birthcertificate gender- is easier than being trans or whatever you were, and things like that)

Hidey Hoo that was a long one, sorry. 

I hope this has helped you! Thank you for asking, I don’t get much opportunity to talk about stuff like this :3! There’s probably a lot I didn’t cover here, but I hope this is enough to give you little dip into the complexity of gender :D Good luck!

PSA: A lot of genderfluid people choose to go by them/they or others im not familiar with, however I’m okay with them/they or she pronouns since I’m just more used to hearing that anyway. Totes a personal thing when it comes to yourself, but it is not as important to me as it is to many others! So stay respectful to those its more important to!

19 Nov 15:38
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Sharing knowledge w/ Pratt Institute today. #makestuff (at Myrtle Hall (Pratt Institute))


Hint: lesean thomas (extra hint: creative director of korra s1, boondocks, and now producer and c director of black dynamite)

So amaze. Learned a LOT about how outsourcing animation in the animation industry is not as bad a thing as we as Americans are often led to believe, though there’s a lot of better bridges needed to be built, and also got some reassurance that there are ways out there to change the industry and AUGHH it just got me so excited about the industry and I wanna work on final stuff so bad but I’m so starving right now and the cintiqs are full.